mMichael  Byrnes is an Australian journalist and author who has spent the last 40 years writing about human aspects of money, power and Asia.

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Harvest of Greed is a fast-paced  business and politics crime novel built around the contemporary themes of corruption in the China trade, climate change, food crises, global market instability and the role of the media. It is about  the stark side of people with extraordinary goals in Asia and about the offsetting target of the fantastic Australian countryside, with its bare beauty and endless wheat fields, which shimmer like a heat mirage over a search for truth in China. There is humanity and fragility in every character, in the country cop searching for truth at the end of his working life, in the city screen jockey itching to escape from a prison of office politics, in an impassioned Australian firebug puppet, even a litle, but not much, in the master market manipulators from the depths of modern China. A political murder, a name change, a government award, and someone who sees through it all. Who wins? Who has the strongest power from within?

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